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Tiny Terrors

Small dog, big attitude

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Tiny Terrors is a community for people belonging to the "mini-me's" of the dog world ~ the cute as a bug but tough as nails small dog. Here you'll find a place to share photos, stories, resources, tips and links related to the mighty Napoleons of the dog world.

Don't let the adorable little facade fool you...these tiny terrors pack a big bite behind their little barks!

Tiny Terrors

A few simple rules:
  •  Please post large sized photos behind a [LJ-cut tag]. Doing so may help prevent the entry from throwing another reader's 'Friends Page' out of whack (also, this journal's layout seems to clip large photos in IE =/)
  •  The same goes for posts with multiple photos ~ one or two photos are OK, anything more should be behind a [LJ-cut tag].
  •  Play nice! No Drama-hounds ~ Leave the snarling to the pups ;-)
  •  No spam, please.

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